Sunday, June 14, 2009

Socks & Jumper

Its been ages since I posted and its due to the lack of knitting. I had become lazy in the evenings and was vegging out on the lounge instead of knitting. sad I'm thinking of all the knitting I could have had finished and started in over the last month.

With the colder months here I got stuck into Debbie's sock yesterday afternoon and finished the first one off. If you remember I had a problem in the warmer months of a rash developing after I had been knitting with the yarn.

I put the sock away until now and the rash came back even with the long sleeve shirt on. Not as bad and I am thinking with the cooler weather, this stopped it irritating me as much as well.

I'll leave it a couple of days and then get stuck into the second sock, so its not a single sock for months on end.

I wore a pair of my home made socks up into the Barossa Valley on Saturday and my feet were so warm. So much warmer than the bought socks.

Yesterday it was wet and very cold here, I took the afternoon off and sat watching DVDs and knitted some of Pat's jumper after the sock was finished.

Now I know how my mum used to knock over our jumpers as kids so quickly. Firstly she's be knitting kids jumpers and they were stocking stitch like this one.

I knitted up 2 X 50 gram balls of "Jet" yarn yesterday and does my right arm know it today. After all these years of knitting Aran and heavy cable adult jumpers, boy this one is a walk in the park.

Said to Pat if I can knock over a ball minimum an evening, he will have this jumper in less than a month. Now that is scary stuff. Wonder if I can achieve this? rolleyes

Sitting and watching the rain fall and a good movie on the TV on a Saturday afternoon is such a great tonic to get one's mojo back.

Until next time.....hoo roo

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