Monday, November 5, 2007

Knitting Mistakes

Couple of nights ago I started the right side of Happy Potter's cream cardigan. What I found was a series of mistakes in the pattern.

First off I thought it was me and after back tracking over the pattern and what I had knitted I was able to find the boo-boos were on the publisher's side.

So that night I rewrote the pattern as I knitted each row. Thank goodness the pattern is easy to read and easy to compare to the left front side, already knitted up.

In the past I have done some of the following when finding a mistake in a pattern. You can use these tips yourself as well.

  • Looked the pattern up on the internet, at the company's website. Some sites will have a link to a section with corrections published.
  • Contacted the publishers by phone or email and let them know of the problem with the pattern.
  • If really desperate lol pull the project apart and pick something new .......
Only time I haven't completed a knitted item was a pair of baby booties when pregnant with both my kids. I always put it down to me being the problem with the pattern, now I am thinking...maybe it wasn't me.

Now the pattern is sorted out and it's knitting up smoothly I have added the other pocket to the front right side.

If you really love the item you are knitting and having problems with the pattern, until its sorted out and fixed up try the following...

  • Put the said problem item away and leave it until you have calmed down. Throwing it across the room in frustration might make you feel good at the time, but when you pick it up off the floor or from behind furniture...... is it fixed or still a problem rolleyes?
  • Wait until it's quiet and have a look at the knitting and pattern.
  • If you need to ask someone for help, ask.
  • There are forums out there that can help or even visiting a fellow knitter and getting them to help.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Something A Little Different

Something a bit different for you to look at.

Another craft passion for me is my cross stitch I do. I have a series of these in patterns, but this is the only competed one. I also have some big cats on the go, tigers, jags and I think a lion eek

As you can tell I don't go into this craft box all that often.

Anyway this one is framed and on the lounge room wall.

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Oh So Comfy

Hello readers mrgreen My name is Lucky and I am mummy's spoilt little angle. I just thought I'd let you know this blanket my mum crochet for me is lovely and warm tonight.

I have been watching television as I lay here nice and snug under my blanket on my dad's lap.

For some reason Harley got upset and walked away, while Abby just sat there. I think she is waiting for me to use the little girl's room.

I really do wish they would stop thinking this blanket belongs to them as well.

Abby has a long wait for me to use the little girl's room. Little does she know, I have my legs crossed.

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Blue Ladies Cardigan 8 Ply, Part 5.

Well after 3 years of knitting this cardigan, most of it this year rolleyes my first cardigan I have knitted for myself is finished.

It's lovely and warm on and I know next winter, I'll be snug as when wearing it.

Still need to buy the buttons for it, so for the photos I used safety pins to hold the front closed.

I am just so thrilled with the colour and cable pattern of this cardigan. The best thing is, I shouldn't see the same cardigan down at the shops. lol

Closeup of the jumper.

Now I have only 2 adult jumpers on the go, Happy Potter's 12 ply cardigan and Pat's fawn coloured cable jumper.

Gee looks quiet in my knitting box now. eek May need to fix this at some stage soon.

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