Saturday, August 30, 2008

Last Day Of August

Earlier this month I said I wanted to have Pat's jumper finished or so close it didn't matter that it was not completed.

I have failed miserably. Though I have some good valid reasons it's not finished.

James our son was injured at work in the middle of this month and so I was like his dad very busy worrying about his head injuries and the threat of loosing a leg if it got worse.

Once James was out of hospital I was busy cooking meals and taking them to his place, as he didn't want to come and stay with us.

Had the stitches out of his ear the other day, Pat stopped counting after 18 were removed. So glad the plastic surgeon was able to save his ear.

James is still not back at work and the soft tissue damage to his leg will take time to heal. But he's all in 1 piece and as a mum, can't get better wishes granted than this.

My "Something New" swap gift is coming along really well. Very pleased with the results of it so far. Nearly time to get it ready to post off. So I am concentrating on this project at the moment.

So Pat's jumper has once again taking a back seat.

After all the pattern knitting I did yesterday, I wanted something easy to knit last night. So I have started Amy's scarf and it's be given to her as a stocking filler this Christmas.

Really getting into this sort of yarn of late. Showed it to Amy and she said, "I can wear that." This makes it easy, when knowing the wearer will actually wear the item.

Its just 25 stitches and knitted all in garter stitch. I'm letting the yarn do all the talking. The yarn is by Koala and it's called "Foxy" and the colourway is cream.

Been a busy month, wonder what September will bring me???

Until next time....hoo roo

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pat's Jumper

Last night I finished of the first sleeve on Pat's jumper. Just have the other sleeve and front to go and then I'll just have the finishing touches to go.

I like to use pen and paper to keep track of my rows, as I also make notes if I need too. So with knitting the second sleeve, I just cross off the rows I kept record for the 1st sleeve. In theory both sleeves will match up 100%.

Already increasing the rows, every 4th row and thought I would count up how many rows left to knit. Theres 159 rows of the sleeve to go. Pat's comment when I told him was, "lucky its not 160 rows" confused

I started this jumper in November last year and though I have done so much knitting while plodding along with his jumper, I want it finished. Haven't told Pat why though. lol

Found a pattern I knitted years ago before the kids were born, for myself. That yellow wool I was given by Cosmic Gardener will be used to knit it again. Can't really start a jumper for myself, if I have Pat's still on the go.

So the time I have given for having Pat's jumper finished is end of August. Every minute my hands are free, I am knitting my little heart out. At night I am putting in as many hours I can.

Hoping to have a men's jumper to show you at the end of this month.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Thread Of This & That

One glove finished and 1 glove to go. I can't not waste left over wool from a completed project. This black wool is from a jumper I knitted for James years ago. Now some of it is being put towards some bright gloves for my stall.

I'm knitting a "something new" in a swap through Woolaholics . Wish I could pop up a photo of what its looking like at the moment.

Really pleased with the results of what I have chosen to knit. Right outside my usual line of knitting I do.

Once my swapping partner has received it, I'll pop a photo up to show everyone. Going to knit one for myself and also for the up coming stall.

I'm in the mood to do a baby's jumper/jacket and so I'll pick out some wool and have a peek a boo over on Ravelry and in my books I have.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Not Only Lucky By Name:)

Look what I received in the mail today from Joey over at Woolaholics

I missed out on joining in the fun on "Death By Hat". Joey had knitted an extra hat and sent it to me.

At first I thought it was sent to me by mistake and as time went by on the forum , I was told it was for me.

How special is that? To be sent a lovely gift from someone I haven't had the pleasure of meeting....yet.

Thank you Joey and I so hope that one day, you are given a beautiful gift from someone and you too feel what I have felt all day. Each time I wear it, I'll be reminded of your kindness.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

World Vision Guardian Angels Program.

Three hats are finished and ready for posting. I tried to make a woolen tassel for the hats, but I couldn't. Figured the hat was more important than a tassel on the children's head.

I'd like to thank my 3 models "Leo" the Holden Lion, Teddy Bear & What's His Name.

Also thanks to Jackie for bringing this to my attention along with other knitters. I hope my 3 hats and a baby jacket I knitted awhile back, will help to keep 4 children warmer.

I shall be keeping my eyes open for this project again next year.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Sunday, August 3, 2008


Feeling very special today after the mailman delivered 3 parcels to our front door this morning.

This RAOK is from someone over on Ravelry. I have no idea who could have sent me all these lovely goodies. Thank you so much and I do hope someone does something very kind to you as well.

Chocolates are yummy and the ribbon wool is so soft and I am soooooooooooo excited about finding something to knit with it for me. Of course mrgreen lol

Love the tea and teapot set, only way to have tea is from a pot.

The other two parcels were from Cosmic Gardener.

All this lovely wool will be put to good use. Love the colours. Thanks so much Cosmic for your lovely gift.

I feel very special today.

Until next time....hoo roo

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