Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pat's Jumper Part 1

I find it very exciting when I start a new knitted piece and I must say with this one I had mixed feelings about the colour & pattern, Pat had picked for his new jumper for winter 08.

I loved the colour of the wool, but I wasn't sure the pattern suited the wool colour. As I was knitting I kept asking Pat "are you sure about the jumper style and pattern?"

After a four week break from knitting I picked this jumper up last night and I actually loved the look of it.

Back of the jumper is being knitted on a circular needle and this is so much easier than knitting with two needles.

Closer look at the panels of pattern, 28 rows to this style. Colour is hard to show up correctly as the lighting inside isn't the best for showing it off. Outside is yuck today and so I'd have to say the first & third photo is more truer in colour.

Once again I'm knitting with Cleckheaton and it's called "Country Naturals" and it's a 8 ply wool.

Machine washable with
85% Pure wool
10% Acrylic
5% Viscose.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Monday, December 17, 2007

No Knitting For A Month

Until last night, the last time I picked up my knitting needles as just before the 18th of November.

Going away on a holiday was lovely and coming home was even better. mrgreen

Just finding time to sit and pick up my needles was a struggle. Seemed to be something always needing to be done, since we came home.

Including me picking up a virus that left me flat for a few days. Now Pat has come down with a chest infection and having only 1 lung (full of asthma) makes for 1 sick husband to care for.

So last night I left dishes draining in the dish rack, forgot completely to bring inside my canary and 2 budgies. eek Thank goodness it was a warm night, as all 3 birds were bopping round in their cages no worse for their night out on the town.

I got 2o rows of the right front side of Happy Potter's cardigan done. Great to see the knitting growing and getting closer to shaping the neck part.

So I am hoping I am back in the swing of sitting down and picking up my knitting each day.

Once the front is finished I'll post a photo.

Until next time...hoo roo