Friday, September 28, 2007

Blue Ladies Cardigan 8 Ply, Part 2

Finished the other side of the front panels of the cardigan last night.

Very happy with the way this cardigan is knitting up and also still very pleased with the colour. While taking these photos I noticed a differance in the way I have finished the shoulder areas off.

They are not the same. evil

So I am wondering which one I finished off wrong exclaim I am thinking it's the "left front" as I did this one first and the "right front" is still fresh in my mind, on how I finished it off.

Once the sleeve is finished and the needles are spare.... I'll look into the tops of the front panels and fix the one that isn't correct.

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12 Ply Cream Aran Cardigan Part 2.

Getting a good photo to show off the pattern of Happy Potter's cream cardigan is a challenge.... actually harder than the pattern. lol

In different places around the house I was getting a very yellow looking result of the wool. So I am thinking next update I'll take a photo outside in natural light. This might work better.

But it gives you a pretty good idea of what it looks like. More I am knitting this, the more I am liking the pattern for myself.

Might have to knit myself this cardigan as well. mrgreen

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Baby Blue Cardigan Part 2.

How cute is this little number question lol

All finished except for the little front bands, that I am putting off doing. That is the only gripe I have with little baby cardigans, bands knitted separately. Just so fiddly to knit, I love the patterns that include the bands in the actual main knitting of the cardigans.

Going to do the bands next week, one afternoon watching a DVD, I think. That'll pass time as I knit 2 bands with about 64 rows worth of about 4 to 6 stitches.

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Other wise baby jumpers are finished.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Baby Blue Cardigan Part 1.

Last of the series of baby jumpers for my niece's baby due next month. Once again another cardigan that is knitted up to the underarm in 1 piece.

Close up of the patten, knitted over 19 rows.

With this patten the front bands are knitted separate and sew onto the jumper. Unlike the white lacy cardigan I had knitted earlier, that had the front bands knitted into the actual patten.

This patten was so easy to knit.... I keep saying this don't I with each top I knit mrgreen.

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Variegated Jumper Part 4.

All finished with the little clear buttons sewed on. With the 3 jumpers/cardigans I have knitted for our niece's baby next month, I have looked for different styles. I do hope both parents will be happy with our choices.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Making Life Easier

Funny how a couple of little things can make life interesting and much easier.

This little organizer is handy for all my bits and pieces and now they are all together, rather than in this draw or that knitting box. I am able to make the little compartments as small or as long as I want, to fit everything in.

Pat found this for me and it's sure keeping Milly out of my knitting. Milly has a habit of running past the little cane bin I was using and grabbing my ball of wool as she passed it. Or she'd decide to climb in the cane bin and curl up on top of the wool.

So now Milly walks past it and taps at the clear plastic and can't get to the wool.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

12 Ply Cream Aran Cardigan Part 1

Started Happy Potter's cardigan and it's a lovely patten to knit and easy as. Decided to post a couple of photos as I wanted to see how the patten shows up. Also for you to see how the cable starts in the rib part and carries on into the main patten.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

White Baby Jacket 4 ply. Part 3.

Little white jacket is all finished and ready for next months baby. Very happy with how the jacket has finished and how it looks.

The little blue flower buttons I think, finishes the garment off nicely.

Front View.

Back View

Closeup of the shoulder area and the blue buttons.

The book the patten came from has oodles of lacy jackets, dresses and jumpers. I am just so taken with the look of this little jacket, I am going to knit some more later on.

Been thinking about and had a lot of people tell me, I should knit and sell the baby clothes at a stall along with other knitted items. So I think this book "Easy Knits For Kids" is a great place to start.

I have had this book for a few years now, can't even remember where I bought it.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Links

With this blog being fairly new, I have been slowly adding to the side with link buttons, map of where people come from and other info for me and also your own interest.

I have found a lovely forum called Woolaholics and these folks have been so welcoming to me that I wanted to give them a plug.

Also to say a big thank you mrgreen to Needletoknit who has helped me sort out a glitch in the "My Projects" bar just underneath the links I have supplied. Turns out I didn't have all the code and Needletoknit came to my rescue.

I'll update this when needed, showing you where I am up to with my knitting projects.

As time goes by I hope to add blog links to my blog of other knitters/craft people. So if your interested, you are most welcome to contact me and I will link your blog to mine. biggrin

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Variegated Jumper Part 3.

All knitted and now waiting for me to sew it together and knit the neck area. This one only took a few days as it was stocking stitch.

Nice wool to knit with and the brand name is "Bella Baby" Bashful 4 ply. Going from the sleeve that came with the wool, it's only able to be bought at "Spotlight".

So now I have 2 baby knits to sew up and complete. Going to look at doing this after this weekend. Have a little break from the baby items.

So for the time being, I'll knit Happy Potter's cardigan.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Variegated Jumper Part 2.

I made a boo boo in the first posting on this variegated jumper. redface I posted the right photo for the wool I had bought to knit it with. But I was knitting a different jumper.

Was meant to be the other jumper as I am knitting a variegated wool and wanted a plain patten. But I was actually knitting the jumper below.

So after I had knitted the back and the rib of the front, I noticed there was 4 rows of patten to this jumper I was knitting. Both pattens are 4 ply, so that was a saving grace for me.

After working out what went wrong, I popped my knitting box away and went to bed and slept on my mistake.

Decided that I wasn't undoing all the work I had done, I am knitting the above jumper, but in a plain style without the patten or the flowers sewn on.

Knitting the patten in the multi coloured wool, I don't think it would be as affective.

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Variegated Jumper Part 1.

I am not in the mood to sew the white jacket together and so I have started on the 3rd baby jacket/jumper for the October baby.

Trying to give a good variety of styles and colours for bub, fashion is everything you know. wink

I love the buttons on the top of the shoulders in this style. But I am not fussed on embroidering little ducks into the jumper afterwards. So I have gone for a variegated colour wool for a completely different look.

This jumper is quick and easy and I have almost finished the back already. From the start to the first part of decreasing is only 5 inches...or 12.5 cm. So it's not very big at all.

If you look at the wool closely you can see a thin thread woven through the wool and this gives it a lovely dewy look to it. Pat picked this wool out and thought it would look lovely knitted up.

If Pat is going to the wool shops with me and take an interest in what I am doing, the least I can do is let him help pick wool and buttons out.

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White Baby Jacket 4 ply. Part 2.

The little 4ply white jacket is finished, except for sewing the sleeves in and finishing the neck off. Very happy with the whole patten of this jacket and it was very easy to knit.

Going to have to be in a good mood to sew this one together, as on the sleeves the lacy patten goes right to the ends of the rows. So sewing it up will be slow, for me to get it to look "good" in my books.

Very happy indeed with this patten. One I would knit again anytime.

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Saturday, September 8, 2007


Today Pat & I went chasing the last of the wool I need and buttons for the baby jumpers I want to have finished in a couple of weeks for my niece's baby.

Boy the hardest part was finding little buttons, suitable for a baby jumper. I didn't want buttons shaped like carrots, witches, butterflies and so on.....

Just little round buttons with a picture on the buttons, like the ones in this photo.

Spotlight, K-Mart and the odd shop we called into, didn't have them.... good old Big W did.

These buttons will go onto 1 cardigan. Next time I'm in the city I'll look in Lincraft and see what they have to offer. If I have trouble there with finding these sort of buttons, I'll use the 3 spare buttons on another cardigan. Though I'd like to see different buttons on the cardigans given in the gift.

Also I couldn't find yellow wool in 4 ply, so Pat picked out a multi colour wool to knit a baby jumper in.

But you'll have to wait and see the colour, when I am ready to knit with the wool. mrgreen

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

White Baby Jacket 4 ply. Part 1.

I am having such a wonderful time knitting this little 4 ply white baby jacket. Now the all in one part is finished and I am shaping the top part, it'll be finished in no time. Then just the sleeves and tidying it up at the end.

The lacy patten is all done by slipping stitches and yarn forwards. No cable in this jumper at all and this makes for a break from the usual I knit.

Right front with the button holes being made and the shoulder area being decreased.

How the jumper looks flat out on the table.

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