Sunday, March 30, 2008

Preparing For A Craft Stall.

Last month I asked my other crafty sister Deb, if she was interested in doing a craft stall in 2009.

Reason I suggested making it for next year, we will be starting from scratch and will have nothing for our first stall. Also give me time to look into where and how we go about becoming involved in a craft festival.

So tomorrow while in the city, I am going to start buying and making craft items with knitting as my theme. Deb is more into the sewing side....... I'll have to ask her if I can post some photos of craft items, she has sent to me.

So I am just bouncing off the walls with ideas and the thought of trying my hand at becoming a stall holder. mrgreen

I have an idea of some items I want to knit up and sell.

Just to name a few.

  • coat hangers
  • socks
  • baby items
  • toddler jumpers
  • face washers
  • dish cloths
  • hats
  • scarfs
  • gloves

Going to keep a running record on what I spend from tomorrow onwards for the craft stall, so I know if I come out in front after the day our first stall is completed.

Until next time....hoo roo

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If you have any ideas or tips for Deb & myself...please.....leave a comment for us.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Sheep Called Polly

Pat decided the "sheep" on my lap needed an name. Its with proud pleasure I introduce to you all.... Polly the sheep, looking much like a Aran cardigan.

Never mind the model......

All finished for Happy Potter and ready for her to collect in May.

Now I am going to knit some fiddly items for a while like coat hanger covers and teapot cosies, socks and Amy has a coat she wants knitted up inside a week. No rest for the wicked.

Until next time....hoo roo

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I Have A Sheep On My Lap

Been a long time coming but I am on the homeward straight with Happy Potter's cardigan. mrgreen

Last night I got the fronts sewn in to the back part of the cardigan. Did the cuffs on the pockets and knitted up the 2 front bands and the neck band. I even had a fan blowing on me as it was so warm, this sheep on my lap. lol

Now today all is left is the sewing in of the sleeves and sides. Tidy up and loose ends and it's all finished and ready for Happy Potter to collect. I am leaving the buttons for her to choose as I think buttons can be a personal preference and reflect on the personality of the wearer.

Happy Potter will be over my way in May to see her son and his family. So I'll get to meet her in person when I hand over her cardigan.

Gosh meeting someone for the first time and handing over a knitted cardigan, boy this will be an interesting first meeting. biggrin

Can't wait to meet her.mrgreen

Stay tuned for a photo of the completed cardy.

Until then....hoo roo

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Thursday, March 27, 2008


RAOK = Random Acts Of Kindness.

Today in the mail I received a gift from Buttonbrite over on Ravelry.

This lady's act of kindness has humbled me with her gift of giving. I am going to knit the wool up into a pair of anklet socks for myself and hang the dream catchers where our cats can't reach them.

So thank you so much Buttonbrite for your very beautiful RAOK.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Stitch By Stitch

Gee its nice to be able to knit and feel the cool breeze in the house at the same time. Temperature has dropped heaps and yesterday I was so slack and spent the whole day knitting up the first sleeve for Happy Potter's cardigan. Finished it about 10.30 last night. Packed everything up and was in bed and asleep with in the hour.

Refreshing your memory of the cardigan.

I started this cardigan back in Sept 2007 and as long as its knitted up before winter both myself and Happy Potter will be contented.

Its a lovely pattern and I am actually going to knit it up for myself down the track.

Gave my knitting scarf book (only got 1) to Amy last night and said to see if there was one there she liked...... then today I looked on Ravelry and picked a few out I thought were lovely. So I'll get her to have a look at those ones and see if she'd like a style from the list I collected.

She'd love a home knitted scarf and I have always wanted to knit one. Hope to be able to have it knitted up by her birthday in June. Amy can pick out the colour and then she'll not see anything about it until its finished.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Socks To Go Fast In.

My sister Debbie's red sock all finished and ready for her to wear. I wonder if Deb will go faster when she wears these? mrgreen

Just over 100 gm to knit them in 8 ply on 3.25 mm.

I love these as they are a tighter fit and more of a dress sock shape. Good for wearing with sneakers.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh I Have A Lovely Sock.

I am stoked with the end result of the Anastasia sock just finished.

I still have the other sock to knit up and will start that this afternoon.

I did have a problem with knitting the rib up with 2.75 mm needles and after a couple attempts I gave up that idea and frogged a few rows of rib. I then used 3.25 mm sized DPNS and found after finishing the ribbed cuff off, I could slip the sock on over my heel.

Found there wasn't enough room to slip the cuff over my ankle area. Maybe my foot is too wide in this area and by knitting the cuff with the bigger size needles, problem solved.

Pat things they look okay, bit bright for him though. lol Me I love them and can't wait to have a pair so I can wear them. mrgreen

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Best Foot Forward.

My sock as of about 10 mins ago....... only the home straight now, knitting the leg.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yarn About A Sock.

That sexy sock from 3 posts back wasn't working out right. After I had knitted some more I was getting into bit of a mess with the DPNS and the pattern. So I went back and studied not so much the written pattern but more so the pictures that came with the kitting instructions.

I found the following was wrong...... I was knitting up the right sock and my pattern was going the wrong way. I was knitting from the graph, back to front. Also I was knitting the pattern on the bottom of the sock, when I wasn't meant to.

So I then had to decide whether to ignore the mistake and

  1. muddle through with the needles
  2. frog it back to where I started the pattern
  3. pull it apart and start again.
I picked number 3 as it seemed the easiest of them.

So I started from scratch again and when I was at the toe area, for unpicking the cast on row and pick them up with a DPN..... I buggered it all up and had to start again.

For some reason that next attempt went out the window too. Too many sleeps and rounds of knitting done, to remember why. So for the 4th time I started again.

On this attempt, Milly my little Grandkitty grabbed the ball of wool and under the futon she went. Taking with her the ball and my knitting as well. Where was I to leave the knitting unattended? Getting another drink of water.

Think me screaming as she went with it all, frightened her enough to drop the ball after an almost lap round the floor.

Did I loose the 4th attempt of these socks being knitted??? Nope..... I took it as a sign that all was correct with my 4th try at these socks.

And so it is. Check out my sexy sock mrgreen

Today's model is "Love Me" from Amy's collection of teddies. He is so soft to cuddle and the sock slipped on nicely without stretching round the needle area. Room to spare as well.

Close up of the sock and of the spiral pattern.

I have without a doubt enjoyed the challenge with this sock pattern. Instead of Pat picking a pattern and saying "can you knit this" and I whiz it up for him. I am having to learn new forms of knitting techniques and having to pull out my thinking cap, dust it off and use it.

Talk about having a ball.... no pun intended wink

Until next time....hoo roo

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Look What I Was Given.

My sister Debbie was down visiting yesterday and while she tried on her red sock for a final fitting, she gave me this pillow for my bed.

I love it and just so thrilled to have it sitting on my bed.

Green is my fav colour and I love how Deb has incorporated the green in the pillow through the threads and ribbon.

Close up of the candle wicking. How special is it, to receive a gift from someone who made it themselves.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Red Ladies Socks.

Last night I got stuck into the red sock I am knitting for my sister Deb. I'll be spending tomorrow with her and I want to show Debbie what her socks will look like.

I haven't grafted the toe area as I want to show Debbie how this is done. She was rather amazed about how tidy the toe end was finished off, with a pair I had completed.

I added 3 rows of white just under the ribbing, to break up the red wool. I think it looks pretty cool and down the road I like to think I could do diamonds and such.

Heel area. The sock reminds me of the dress socks we can buy down at out local shops.

Another 7 days of this heat and so this afternoon I have been knitting up the 4 ply socks. I'll take a photo of that tomorrow and show you how it's knitting up.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Can A Sock Pattern Be Sexy?

Can a sock pattern be sexy? I think they can be. mrgreen

Sam over on Woolaholics sent me 2 balls of Patonyle sock wool and I am just so enjoying the way the sock is coming alone.

Pat is amused how I am getting excited over 2 balls of wool and he said the way the sock is knitting up, it's so me.

First time I have knitted a pair of socks in 4 ply and also starting from the toe end. Been a learning curb and also its a lot of fun having a challenge with knitting up a toe sock part. Very please how I am not getting "that ladder" along the sides where the DPNS join each other. This did worry me and I was nervous about having a problem with this.

The needle size in the instructions is for 2.5 mm and I couldn't get hold of a set of 4 DPNS, so I bought 2.75 and this seems to be working out perfectly.

So far its smooth knitting.

My sister's down this Friday again and so I'll show Deb how her socks are coming along as well.

Still hot here, for another week they are the sock knitting shall continue.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Too Hot For Sweater Knitting.

With this hot weather I have been sitting on my bum, knitting. Pat's jumper is now too big for knitting in this heat. Feels like I have a woolly lamb on my lap.

So I started another pair of socks yesterday. Yep! Sad I know...... just socks are great to knit in the hot weather. They don't sit in your lap and heat up the body.

These red socks are for my sister Debbie and I have popped some white rectangles around the top of the stocking stitch, just to break up the red.

Love to pop a link to the pattern for you to see what they look like. But I can't remember where I found them on the net. They are knitted with 8 ply wool and knitted on 3.25 mm needles. So you'll have to wait until they are finished.

Picked up some knitting needles today for the Anastasia sock and will start them this afternoon. The needle size is 2.5 mm in the pattern and I couldn't get a set of 4 DPNS at my LYS. So I am going to use 2.75 mm needles and see how the socks knit up.

Spotlight had 20 % off today store wide... darn shame it was off pay week for us. So I just went straight to the knitting needle area. Would have loved to have had a nosy round...but I was good.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Back On Jumpers.

Not the best photo but hopefully you can get an idea on how Pat's sweater is coming along. I'm filling in time until I can get a set of needles in the size needed for the 4 ply socks I have picked out.

Not too bad in this heatwave knitting Pat's sweater, makes it easier with the a/running. Though I'd rather be doing socks.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Pa's Socks All Finished.

Last night I finished the other cream sock with green tips & heel. Really pleased they are finished and will be posted to him on Tuesday. mrgreen

I had so much fun knitting them and just about remember the pattern off by heart.

Got everything ready for starting my first pair of 4 ply socks for myself with this wool.

Only thing is.... I don't have the needle size in the house. eek So I need to pick some DPN after the long weekend.

Anastasia socks.

This is the socks I want to knit with the wool. To me these socks are sexy........rolleyes

You can find the pattern here

For the next couple of days, I'll knit Pat's jumper.

Until next time....hoo roo