Thursday, February 19, 2009

Me & Ewe

It's finished as of 5 pm this afternoon. All 4 pieces are knitted and packed away until the cooler weather kicks in.

No way I am sitting this ewe on me in this hot weather. I'm thinking late March to early April before I stitch it together and knit the neck up.

Until then it's packed away in a knitting box in the craft room. Pat is all smiles now that he knows the jumper is just about ready for this coming winter.

This time round I knitted the back, then sleeves and finally the front. Usually I knit the back, front then sleeves. By this time I arrived at the front neck area, knew the 28 rows of pattern off by heart.

I was mean and told Pat I couldn't find the sleeves, but found a pile of the yarn in a knitting box. Said I was sick of the jumper and so disappointed the jumper wasn't finished after all. Yeah, yeah I know a mean trick...... lol. Should of seen his face.

Anyway to make up for it, I gave him the men's Inca & men's Jet knitting books and he choose a pattern for his new wool I collected this week.

I'm going to start the blue colour way yarn in the Jet. Treating myself to a stocking stitch jumper as Pat liked it with a button collar.

Sorry about the flash reflection in the photo. The pattern can be found in....

Completely different to what Pat usually picks out for a jumper. I'll be able to knit this while asleep. Stocking stitch......... hope I don't get bored. So used to heavy cables and Aran jumpers for him.

I'll also start knitting my lizard ridge again and get a few of my other UFOs finished. Now the brown jumper is finished, I'm ready to relax and pick and choose what I knit at night.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Slowly Getting There.

Fourteen rows left and them I start to decrease at the underarm area of the last piece for Pat's sweater. I started this sweater back in Nov 07 and I must admit I'll be glad when the cast off row is done. Mind you I have done a lot of knitting in other areas at the same time.

With all the hot weather we have had in Adelaide, its hard to knit. We've had temps that are cooler and so at night I am able to knit for a couple of hours. I am finding my arms ache by the time I put it down for the night.

I'm not sure what you do to keep track of your rows, I like to write it all down.

That way when I am able to make sure its spot on when it needs to be repeated on another piece, to match up.

I also photo copy the pattern, so I can "highlight" the rows if the pattern is "busy". Scribble notes and mark any areas on the paper, I need to be aware of.

Anyway, my mojo is back and the knitting box is next to my chair in the lounge room.

Until next time....hooo roo

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I've Been Knitting.

No your not seeing things, I was actually sitting with knitting needles in my hands last night.

Cool enough to break the needles out and so I have been taking full advantage of this. Plodding away with Pat's jumper and surprisingly my arms were sore when I stopped a couple of hours later.

I have so enjoyed sitting and knitting again, missed it so much.

Hot weather is coming in again......bugger.

Until next time....hoo roo

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