Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blue Ladies Cardigan 8 Ply, Part 4.

Thought I'd show you the cardigan as it is of 5 mins ago. All that is left to do it knit up 2 front bands and then sew the cardigan all together.

I'll take the cardigan into the city after it's all sew together and match up buttons to the pattern.

I'm really happy with how the cardigan has come up and I love the blue colour. Taken me a few years to knit this one. Loosing the knitting bug for awhile didn't help.

Can't wait to try the cardigan on, when all finished. mrgreen

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Baby News

Tuesday morning (early) my niece delivered a baby girl. How special is this question

So tomorrow Pat & I will go and visit both mum & Bub with our gift of 3 jackets I knitted. The blue one will be for another baby down the track some time. biggrin

Also today I got the last 10 balls of Pat's wool off of the wool bank. So now I am free to buy other wools for projects down the road.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

From My Knitting Box.

At the moment I have 3 projects on the go, all adult size jumpers or cardigans. No little things to knit, though I could quite easily start a baby jacket this very minute.

In an awake period last night I decided it's time to finish my blue cardigan. I started this cardigan for me about 3 years ago.

One winter I did only about 6 rows and put it aside. So I think it's now time to have it finished and packed away for the cooler months next year.

So today I'll start the last sleeve and that will leave just the front bands and sewing it up. Then the fun will be choosing the buttons to match my cardigan.

I find having a few projects on the go a big help in knitting. As some days the knitted piece might not suit my mood. Also it stops me getting bored and I think this was the problem when I only had my blue cardigan on needles.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kitchen Swap Part 2

Today in the mail I received my "Kitchen Swap" from woolaholics and I love them.

The dishcloth is wonderful as I have been reading all about them on the forum. I have been converted and want to knit some of these myself.

Potholder& dishcloth are crocheted with cotton and the bag is knitted in cotton. They were wrapped in the purple tea towel. I love that idea instead of paper like I used for my swap.

Thank you so much for the time you put into these lovely gifts. mrgreen

This is the first swap I have ever taken part in and I was unsure of what to knit. So I went onto the internet to find something in a kitchen theme and came across this knitted bag storer.

So as I am more used to knitting in wool and no experience in cotton, I felt I was limited in what I could knit. This bag holder caught my interest and thought it would be a handy item in the kitchen. I also thought homemade dish clothes could be stored inside it in the pantry if plastic bags are not used in the house.

I do hope my kitchen swappy will find my gift to her a useful item in her kitchen/pantry.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

12 Ply Cream Aran Cardigan Part 6.


After knitting the band and then 34 rows of pattern, time to do the first of the 2 front pockets. I have used a different coloured knitting needle to show you what I did.

I haven't done a lot of pockets in the past and the ones I have done, I can't remember if they were done this way or not.

But what the's fun and thats all that matters. mrgreen

In the first photo.

The green needle has the stitches from the pocket lining I knitted over the weekend. 33 stitches were left on a stitch holder and I transferred them to the green needle to make it easier for me to knit up.

So I patterned 22 stitches of pattern on the front left side (on the blue needle) then keeping the cable pattern correct I knitted the 33 stitches off the green needle.

Second photo.

Then using the stitch holder I slipped 33 stitches from the blue needle onto the stitch holder and these 33 stitches are now at the front of the knitted work. I then continued knitting up the last of the stitches in correct pattern from the blue needle to the end.

In the second photo, you can see the opening of the pocket.

Third photo.

Showing the front of the left piece with the pocket knitted in place. When finishing this cardigan off, I'll be knitting a band to tidy up the opening of the pocket.

Sorry about the changing colours of the wool...... night time photos with these environmental user friendly globes, just don't like to work well with cameras.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

12 Ply Cream Aran Cardigan Part 5.

Well after the slight hiccup of making that mistake and pulling undone 29 cm to correct it, I have finished the back. mrgreen As you can see from my cheery face I am very happy to have this back finished and correct.

Going to be a good length and as it's for winter, the old bum will stay warm.

Finished the back last night and this afternoon I have knitted the pocket linings and next to be started is the left front. The pocket liners are knitted into the front pieces while knitting the fronts up.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

12 Ply Cream Aran Cardigan Part 4.

Colleen asked me in the comments area of the last posting, how was the fixing up of the boo-boo going? smile

Well I pulled the jumper undone back to where the mistake was. Now I have re-knitted 10 rows of the back of the cardigan. So I am getting closer to were I was when I spotted the mistake.

On the wool forum Woolaholics I visit, a link was put up of a blog on how to fix this sort of mistake where a cross-over goes the wrong way.

Here is that link. I need orange is what the blog is called. I hope you find this as interesting as what I did and keep it bookmarked, just in case you do what I did.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

12 Ply Cream Aran Cardigan Part 3.

I am sitting here looking at this photo I just uploaded with my chin in my hand thinking.......that's a few hours worth to pull undone.

By clicking on the the photo, you will see the mistake a lot easier. The stitch is heading to the "right" when it should be heading towards the "left".

1 stitch done the wrong way. eek

I did

K1tbl, P1, T3B, P1, K1tbl

should have been

K1tbl, P1, T3F, P1, K1tbl

Still never mind, I take pride in my work and if I ignored it, it would chew me up as I continued knitting the cardigan.

Well this isn't getting the back of the cardigan fixed is it question

I think.......cuppa tea first. mrgreen

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Blue Ladies Cardigan 8 Ply, Part 3.

Sleeve for my blue cardigan was so easy to knit as the increasing was done in the moss stitch area. Only 1 sleeve to go and the front bands and then sew it up, ready for next winter.

Taking a rest from this jumper for awhile to work on Happy Potter's cream cardigan.

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Baby Jumpers All Finished

All finished and I must say looking ever so lovely and adorable. When choosing patterns for the baby due at the end of this month, I wanted to make sure there was a good variety of styles for bub.

So I thought 2 jumpers and 2 cardigans was a good place to start. Also sizes mattered too, as last thing I wanted was all the same size and not have them spread over a growing first 6 to 12 months.

Plus not knowing the size of the birth weight leaves a good chance "baby" will fit into at least 2 garments.

Not knowing the sex gave me a good excuse to knit a pink and blue jumper/cardigan.

So what will bub be getting when she/he is born question The white cardigan, variegated jumper and either the pink or blue top as well.

I am happy with my effort for my niece and her husband and hope the delivery is a safe one for mum, bub and dad as well. biggrin

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Baby Blue Cardigan Part 3.

All finished and looking ever so lovely. This sweet little cardigan was knitted in 3 ply and was the smallest size I could knit.

Knitted all in 1 piece up to the underarm, I love these patterns as there is less seams and sewing on the garment. Also once the main piece is finished its down hill the rest of the way.

With all the cable, arans and lacy knits I have done over the years, you would think 9 stitches on a needle for a front band would be a breeze for me exclaim

Not so, 3 times I pulled those 9 stitches undone and started again. To get the bands knitted and then sewn on and the neck done, plus the 6 buttons took, the time of watching (or listening) to Gone With The Wind & The Searchers on DVD. eek

Baby jumpers are just so cute to knit and quick once the rhythm has been established.

Close up of the pattern with the buttons sown on.

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My Blanket.

This blanket would have to be the longest to make in history. I started it back 5 years ago while still working. Then it was put away once I stopped working for health reasons.

Found it when cleaning out the wardrobes in our bedroom and thought..... time it was finished.

The wool used is leftovers from 8 ply jumpers I have knitted over the years. Including wool from when my two kids were in primary school.

So now on those cool nights in front of the TV we can throw this over our laps & legs and get comfy and warm.

Mind you we'll have to fight the cats off with a knitting needle, as they love this blanket too. lol

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Kitchen Knit Swap Part 1

First time ever I am taking part in a kitchen cool swap run at a knitting forum I visit, called Woolaholics

I am not going to say what it is until the person who I am knitting it for has received it. Then I'll post the final finished item. mrgreen

I am very excited about joining in with the kitchen swap as I have never done anything like this before.

Do hope she likes the gift I have knitted for her.

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